My 1st year freelancing and my top 'go to' tools

So website is finally live and let me tell you its been a long time coming. I actually set up freelance way back in June last year....i'd been procrastinating for ages until i finally decided to take the leap of faith and just go for it...i set myself a trial of 5 months to see if i could get customers onboard and i can now proudly say that those 5 months proved to be a great success...iv bagged myself regular customers, ongoing workloads and some great feedback in the process. Now there was a fair few websites that iv used whilst working freelance that have been an absolute godsend - resources,tools, leads etc......which iv shared below...are there any you recommend? do you use the ones below......then leave me a comment, id love to hear from you!.



I hold my hands up.....i am pants with figures, so the whole 'doing my own finances' thing did scare me a little. I needed a resource that was easy to use (for a maths dunce like me) and wasn't over complicated which i know some accounting tools can be. So after much searching i came across Brightbook. Its basically a free and easy online accounting tool which gives you a complete view of your accounts, who owes you money, whats been paid. Log invoices, expences, attach does what it says on the tin and i love it.

People Per Hour

One of my favourite freelancing site and the one thats pretty much bagged me the majority of my business. Its literally a one stop shop for selling and buying freelance services. You set up a profile, showcase your work, create 'hourlies', bid for jobs, answer queries and issue and collect payments.....all under one roof. Payments are managed by the site and you do have to pay small fees but its worth it....its simple to use with a great user interface. Has a great feedback and rating system so you can really build up your profile..and its worldwide as well so you can get customers from all corners of the globe. If you havent tried this site yet.....where the hell have you been!!


Desperate for images, photos, vectors or icons?....then Freepik needs to be your next stop is a haven for top quality and free graphics and images. For me it has the best resource for vectors on the web and has literally thousands of images for you to search through with easy download it!